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03-29-2011 7:42:33 PM CST
I have 1 of 2 1964 ford falcon afx's I am currently restoring but I am changing it up a bit. I have the teardrop hood on it and that is all I have changed so far exept I do not have the original motor and transmission for it. I have the Same type of motor which is a 428 with a highriser intake but I put in a manual transmission from a 1968 ford cougar. Besides what I have already changed I would like to keep it stock. Should I keep it as it is or change it up more? Email me at gjgrochulski@yahoo.com

Charles   championcity@sbcglobal.net
03-28-2011 6:25:53 AM CST

Better shot of how the hood looks, fit was perfect

Charles Crace   championcity@sbcglobal.net
03-28-2011 6:12:55 AM CST

1964 Falcon, hood from Crited in July 2010,

Joe   Phoenix64falcon@aol.com
03-22-2011 3:32:01 PM CST
Received my teardrop hood for my '64 Falcon today & wanted to say that I'm very pleased with the product!!! Thanks!!

james   jlp5617@hotmail.com
03-21-2011 9:10:23 PM CST

i have a 1958 ford that im running a 552 stroker and a toploader 4spd anyone use the crites headers in one of these if so how was the fit

Bob Hitchcock   designphotousa@yahoo.com
02-26-2011 11:10:09 PM CST
1965 Ford Fairlane 2 door hardtop. Barn find? Well almost. Unmolested, not touched. Ready to restore. Engine - 289 ci, automatic, air conditioning, bucket seats, console, good glass, great interior. Rare All original - stock. Come get it before someone else does. Left front fender has small collision. 520-298-7007, 520-471-3028 designphotousa@yahoo.com

NITROMIKE   1nitromike@gmail.com
02-10-2011 8:13:37 PM CST

oh yea!...body work and paint first!!! sorry!

NITROMIKE   1nitromike@gmail.com
02-10-2011 8:00:11 PM CST

Hey get'n ready to drop a 521 in our 69 stang coupe,i'm get'n the headers from you guy's!..can i get them raw steel insyead of paint?...i'm getting them thermal coated!!..keep down the heat!!Thank's! Nitromike

Bill Troth
02-10-2011 1:46:00 PM CST

Crites hood, bumpers and headers and very pleased with all.

johnny mac   mcneal.johnny@yahoo.com
02-05-2011 12:44:53 PM CST
i have a 1964 fairlane and i was wondering if anyone here has used the quarters that crites offers and if so how did they turn out and how were they installed can't buy metal you know

Bill Wood   bwwbf@rogers.com
02-03-2011 6:46:32 AM CST
Just received f/g doors for my 64 Sports Coupe.Nice workmanship.....Nice fit...Thank You! Bill Wood

Gary C.   garycroix@gmail.com
02-01-2011 3:05:55 PM CST
Hello All. I have a '63 Galaxie,390(I suspect) with a generator, low mounted. Wanting to switch to a late model alternator, high mount preferably. Will the alt mount kits on this site work?

Paul Martenson   AWALLPAUL@aol.com
01-31-2011 1:53:41 PM CST
Hey guys, anyone know what size wheels and tires came on the thunderbolts? Also,is the 62 wheelwell the same size? Thanks.

Jim   suv2002@tds.net
01-30-2011 9:39:35 PM CST
Hello. I am looking for 1965 Galaxie 500 XL 15-inch hub caps or 1965 LTD 15-inch hub caps. 865-567-0455.

Bill W   wwilsonpaints@comcast.net
01-22-2011 12:10:40 AM CST

Hey All! I sure would like to find the last piece to the puzzle, what you see in the pic is a original Ranger truck console i picked up from Ron Bosel from NW classic falcons, What i need to find is the chrome trim for under the tray and lid... i think it is 5 pieces, I have the lid, hinge, ball latch and a new aluminum tray. Help me out if you can, Thanks, Bill W

Mike   flanagan-michael@sbcglobal.net
01-20-2011 9:59:34 PM CST
Do you have any pics of your spring relocation kit installed on a 6/67 Mustang? Or a copy of an installation manual?

THOMAS M. SANISLO   tomford10@comcast.net
01-20-2011 11:11:24 AM CST
Dear sirs... I have a 1965 Falcon Ranchero, Would a 1965 Comet Ram Air Hood fit her ?????

01-20-2011 10:22:58 AM CST
hi guys when will you refund my 84$ ? i wait now since one year... why did´nt you answer my emails? and please update your homepage that the following parts aren´t produced anymore! Motor mount frame 289-302-351 - $84 pair Motor Mount insulators 289-302-351 - $50 pair sick of it!

Ed Pope   popee@ors.od.nih.gov
01-11-2011 4:05:03 PM CST

Here's a shot of my recently restored 64 Cyclone

peter meteor   boomtownbrat01@yahoo.com
01-07-2011 11:07:45 PM CST
go to crazyformercurys.com and read the forum. crites makes the only header that will go in without some mods. im in the same project with 63 meteor that i put a windsor in.its the same platform as fairlane. good luck your car is beautifull

Bob F   ferrarabob@yahoo.com
01-04-2011 7:03:45 PM CST

I'm putting a 351w in a 63 fairlane 500 sports coupe anyone with experance tell what manifold, headers will fit without cutting towers

Nelson Harshman   Harshman01@comcast.net
01-02-2011 3:37:56 PM CST

Thanks to Crites for the fiberglass front end, trunk and a lot of other parts that went into this 2 1/2 yeard build.

01-01-2011 9:41:11 AM CST
fiberglass nick

nick bacales   teraflex@iprimus.com.au
12-30-2010 6:47:31 AM CST
hi there ' will a big block ford fit under the standard hood or do i have to go withe a fiberglass one for a 64 fairlane 500 hardtop cheers nick

dogpatch customs
12-28-2010 10:31:13 AM CST

heres a before paint sneak pic., george

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