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Taylor   justdoinit19@hotmail.com
08-01-2011 11:50:37 AM CST
Looking for a Repair panel under battery tray for a 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 fast back W/289

07-22-2011 9:29:59 PM CST
FOR SALE 64 Fairlane 500 Sport Coupe 302 auto trans shift kit. 8.8 posi rear $5500.00

Mark   markyed@live.com
07-18-2011 2:38:15 PM CST

Hi guys can some one please help me , i need some ball joints for my 62 galaxie , upper and lower on each side , please help email me on where best place to buy cheers Mark

Kirk Maukonen   kirk.maukonen@gmail.com
07-15-2011 11:52:21 AM CST

Hood from Crites June 2010 - great fit

07-13-2011 7:45:58 AM CST
Looking for a tailgate for a 1963 Ranchero. Wish Crites would make one. Very happy with all the other items Ive bought from them.

steven thompson   cobrajets68@yahoo.com
07-09-2011 9:06:21 AM CST

steven thompson   cobrajets68@yahoo.com
07-09-2011 9:06:00 AM CST

steven thompson   cobrajets68@yahoo.com
07-09-2011 9:05:23 AM CST

steven thompson   cobrajets68@yahoo.com
07-09-2011 9:00:43 AM CST

1964 fairlane post body 260 3 speed. needs it all.4 floorpans, trunk floor.not an easy fix.$1800 FIRM 704-267-5664 leave message. near charlotte nc

Lou   phillyphan6@gmail.com
07-08-2011 9:04:37 AM CST
Need help! trying to locate a supplier for parts. My uncle has a 1968 ford falcon, and he needs to replace three of the cylinder head bolts on his inline six, we havent had much sucsess online, any help we can get would be awesome, rhanks in advance.

james   jlp5617@hotmail.com
07-03-2011 5:38:15 PM CST

got my crites headers to fit but had sum trouble not much room left in the engine compartment lol need a hoodscoop what do u thing a teardrop scoop would look like?

keith baker   keithbaker1974@hotmail.com
06-27-2011 7:54:21 PM CST

1970 mustang ?

06-15-2011 8:51:22 PM CST
will early 289 mustang long tube headers work on a 61 falcon? Anyone make a c-4 mount for the 61 falcon?

Jeremiah   noncomputersavy@yahoo.com
06-05-2011 11:14:23 PM CST
I just saw you guys are now selling fiberglass doors for the 64 hard top, please tell me you are soon gonna have the same for a 2 door post. I have looked everywhere.

Gary Avery   selkirkawards@sympatico.ca
05-29-2011 3:14:20 PM CST

Looking for floor plate C4AZ7111215A & CODZ 5912004 BP & CODZ5911A06A Plate assembly from back seat to tailgate of 1964 Falcon Squire Wagon

Sonja   modelsonja76@yahoo.de
05-03-2011 1:40:34 AM CST

Hello, i am Sonja vfrom Germany. I am searching very urgent a Hood for my 67 Galaxie 500. Someone has damaged it, if you see!! Do you have one?? Please help me, here in Germany i cant find anyone!! Sonja

Tom White   tom@w8622.us
04-27-2011 4:57:05 PM CST

I have 1972 Mercury Comet. I've removed the 250 CID Engine and am replacing it with a 302 V-8. I have new motor mounts for the 302 but must also replace the frame brackets. Any idea where I can find those? Will Mustang parts work for this application?

Marshall Carpenter   marshalldcarpenter@gmail.com
04-25-2011 8:10:53 AM CST
I am debating on purchasing a 67 galaxie 500 4dr with a 390. Can't seem to find fenders, front bumper, or a hood that can go on that isn't steel. Any suggestions? Should I not waste my time? $800 for the car and it has a new transmission. Should I salvage the motor, trans, and rearend for my 64 xl, and scrap the rest? It seems like a good buy, just some heavy front end damage. E-mail any suggestions, thanks!

tom salmeri   tricketom@aol.com
04-17-2011 8:42:33 AM CST
Hi guys i'm looking for rear driver side fender trim complete, (for a 1964 fairlane 500 coupe)crossover, inverted c, straight, butt piece. also looking for front buckets all peices have to be in very good condition thanks Tom

keith baker   keithbaker1974@hotmail.com
04-08-2011 10:41:55 PM CST

maybe for sale ???????????????

keith baker   keithbaker1974@hotmail.com
04-08-2011 10:29:53 PM CST

64 comet cyclone dragcar

Jason   repins10@yahoo.com
04-06-2011 11:07:14 PM CST
Does anyone know what the dimensions of the T-Bolt air bonnet and the Crites version of the air bonnet are? Crites said it they were both the same dimensions at 5" tall x 19" long x 11" wide, that measurement seems way large, so just checking if anyone has the same info or different. The Crites version looks thinner and longer than the original style. The problem I am having is hood clearance even with the 4" teardrop hood, due to the motor sitting higher from the rack. I am trying to do a mock up before I commit to buy. I will need the height dimension from where the carb up and then the length. Thanks.


This looks like a good restoration project, go on ebay and enter this reference number in the search 280644966038

Josh B.
03-30-2011 5:54:00 PM CST
I have a 66 fairlane 2dr hard top and im having trouble finding a replacement windshield for it.The price ranges are from crazy to nuts for glass and maybe theres a donor car that may have the same glass i could use (dw667)any help would be great.

03-29-2011 7:42:33 PM CST
I have 1 of 2 1964 ford falcon afx's I am currently restoring but I am changing it up a bit. I have the teardrop hood on it and that is all I have changed so far exept I do not have the original motor and transmission for it. I have the Same type of motor which is a 428 with a highriser intake but I put in a manual transmission from a 1968 ford cougar. Besides what I have already changed I would like to keep it stock. Should I keep it as it is or change it up more? Email me at gjgrochulski@yahoo.com

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