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Dave Wells   massb5s4@gmail.com
08-06-2016 11:40:45 PM CST
Looking for both drivers and passenger doors and both fro t quarter panels. 1966 Mercury Comet. Would prefer metal to fiber glass. Does Crites make quarters I know they make doors?

Mike Phillips
08-06-2016 10:44:07 AM CST
I have a 1964 galaxy xl it does not have power stirring it it does not have air conditioning I'm looking for a power stirring unit that I can fit in it and also an air conditioning unit I would love to find some film the skirts as well

Brian   route4box38@gmail.com
08-02-2016 7:07:55 PM CST
looking for left and right front fenders , and a drivers door for a 1966 fairlane gt convertible.

gary   customized1@att.net
07-25-2016 11:18:07 AM CST
Looking for a rear 4 link for a 64 fairlane is there such an item?

gary   customized1@att.net
07-25-2016 11:09:06 AM CST
Is there such an animal as a rear 4link suspension kit for a 64 fairlane 500?

bob   doctornoe 1957@gmail. com
07-13-2016 3:01:48 PM CST
have quarter panels and rocker panels cut off a car rust free for a 65 ford farlane call 1-618-841-1582

bob   doctornoe 1957@gmail. com
07-13-2016 3:01:18 PM CST
have quarter panels and rocker panels cut off a car rust free for a 65 ford farlane call 1-618-841-1582

Paul   plaventerprises@gmail.com
06-29-2016 1:52:20 AM CST
I've purchased big block 460 engine mounts with headers to suit from you guys for my 72 Ranchero ute. The car previously had a 351 clevo. How do I fit my engine in the car. Is there a template to drill the crossmember ??

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 11:05:52 AM CST

We also purchased this beauty just 5 weeks ago. We found it while searching for parts in our local want ads. Complete runner as seen in the pics. It came with a standard bore "bear block" 427 side oiler that has less than 5 miles on it.

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 11:05:30 AM CST

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 10:51:16 AM CST

Back half

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 10:49:34 AM CST

This is what we started with.

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 10:38:04 AM CST

Our 67 pro-street Fairlane is coming along nicely and thanks to the good folks at Crites, we were able to maintain the original shock towers and suspension while stuffing in a 545 CI BBF.

05-17-2016 12:05:04 PM CST
The 61 Falcon posted is $18,000,Sorry for any confusion. Larry

05-17-2016 11:40:30 AM CST

61 Ford Falcon For sale All best components, Dart Lunati, Edelbrook, MSD, Hooker, Ross, Eagle, Detroit Locker, Strange, Moser, 347 Stroker, Reverse manual auto with transbrake. Caged with swing out bars. Extremely Fast!! Other parts available. Call 419-239-1989

Troy   1troycosby@gmail.com
05-15-2016 9:16:47 PM CST
For sale; 1963 427 shortblock 1965 block std bore 1964 hi-riser heads & 1 4bbl Intake manifold 1963 low-riser 2 4bbl intake 1968 390 heads & intake X code Mallory dual point distributor Misc FE parts. Must go. Make offer 301) 257-2559

John Hammer   tazplumbinginc@comcast.net
04-26-2016 5:40:41 AM CST

Restoring this '67 Galaxie Convertible. I need lower rear quarter panels.

Bob   bobslittletruck@aol.com
04-23-2016 7:35:40 AM CST
Does anything need changing in engine bay of a 64 fairlane with a 289 in to get a 521 BB Stroker to fit?? Shock towers or anything.. Thanks

carlis braden
04-18-2016 1:42:29 PM CST
been waiting for almost six months for fiber glass front end you got our money please get us our parts

Freddy P.   freddyprivett@yahoo.com
04-13-2016 4:54:21 PM CST
Hi guys, I have a 1985 Thunderbird and I would love to put ground effects around it. I can not find them anywhere. Does anyone have any for sale or know where I might find them? Thanks ~Freddy

Annie   antionette51@aol.com
03-15-2016 11:24:05 AM CST
that God some one has good taste in cars, I love the Fairlane we always had a 64.Most people don't know what they are but they always say whoa that's a beautiful car what is it, and they are always surprised. You don't see too many of them. But thanks tro you we can rebuild if need be. Thank you

finn2winn   mattfinateri@gmail.com
03-03-2016 5:27:04 PM CST
need clean rear light lens and corners left /right for a 65 comet /cyclone also need info wanting to change from single master cylinder to a dual master does the changeover go smooth with front /rear manual brakes thanks

Deen Brecht   drb@westriv.com
03-02-2016 10:39:34 PM CST
Looking for radio delete plate for 64 Galaxie.Deen 701-983-4699

Sam   samford6@comcast.net
02-29-2016 7:55:43 PM CST
Building,64 Falcon, has anyone used Crites spring relocation kit? If so, what size tire,rim,backspacing. Also, width of rear-end. Help,really appreciated, Thanks

Marty Dunn
02-29-2016 2:36:18 PM CST

In goes the high port headed Windsor.....with attached PTC Glide and a Gear Vendors Race Over Drive.

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