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chris m   teekc1970@yahoo.com
12-04-2017 2:03:06 AM CST
1965 -66 galaxie parts I need to start selling, trim from 2 door four door, verts, custom galaxie and XL seats, door panels, trim, swing away column and more. not a fire sale,

chris m   teekc1970@yahoo.com
12-04-2017 1:58:44 AM CST
in need of a rear clip '66 galaxie 2 dr htp or even a tail panel

Mike D   mike@droconinc.com
11-29-2017 3:49:43 PM CST
I thought I might try... Does anyone have or know where I can get a truck key bezel? I need 1 at least. As many as 3 if anyone has them!

Ronald   tinygutxl@msn.com
11-18-2017 2:14:03 AM CST
Does anyone know where to get tubs for a 64 Falcon?

Brian    Btackitt@msn.com
10-24-2017 11:24:29 PM CST
I am looking for a passenger side hood hinge for 66 comet?

Keith Baker
10-12-2017 9:07:06 PM CST

1964 comet cyclone

adam   bobcatwillie1@gmail.com
10-12-2017 8:24:07 AM CST
are the fiberglass hoods the same for the 61 thru 64 galaxie. I have access to a hood made for a 63 to 64 but have a 61 galaxie.

David Michael Stephenson   68nitrostang@sbcglobal.net
09-23-2017 9:53:23 AM CST
ISO large tube headers for 351 c into a 68mustang Prefer 2.0 tube 16 gage with 3.5 collector If someone has a step 2.0-2.125-2.250 x 3.5 or 4.0 collector? I have a dynod 800 hp plus 427inch clevor 9.2 deck with CHI heads I've used a17/8 x2.0 18 gage header on a lesser motor If I can't find anything I will use again If anyone has anything please contact me 979203 eight 4 eight bine

Larry Mills   psychoartmills@yahoo.com
09-03-2017 6:57:27 PM CST
This is e-mail for Crites relocation springs for 69 cougar message below psychoartmills@yahoo.com

Larry Mills
09-03-2017 6:54:20 PM CST
Can i use the Crites spring relocation kit on my 1969 cougar? Rear suspension is a little different than mustang, but i think only because the leaf springs are longer in the cougar. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks

Jamie Cluck   Cluckjamie@gmail.com
08-25-2017 8:11:53 PM CST
Just received my 429 460 engine swap for my 1970 Torino. Very happy with price,fit, and customer service ! Highly recommend and will use again ! Thanks

Harold Woods   hwoods6617@yahoo.com
08-22-2017 5:00:11 PM CST
anyone install rack and pinion steering in a 1964 Fairlane with a big block (FE Motor) using stock upper and lower control arma

Chris Nichols   nicholsc83@gmail.com
08-21-2017 10:35:18 PM CST
Looking for center console for a 1968 Ford Torino GT. Any help would be appreciated.

Dan DeJournette   ddejournette@yahoo.com
08-13-2017 10:58:04 AM CST
building a 1955 Ranchwagon. Trying to install an Explorer V-8 AOD. Have two rear end options at this time 1995 Mustang or 2000 Mountaineer AWD rear end. Tire & Wheel size? All info greatly appreciated. 69 year old novice

Herb Hilderbrand   cuttingedgetaxi@att.net
07-20-2017 3:15:36 PM CST
Can anyone tell me what size tire & wheel will fit a 64 falcon sedan delivery with the spring relocation kit? Thanks in advance. Herb

clay    mercman68@comcast.net
07-17-2017 5:24:52 AM CST
will you ever make a hood 68 cyclones

randal   randaldouglas54@yahoo.com
07-02-2017 2:20:53 PM CST

i know its not a fairlane but i wanted you to see what i did with the teardrop scoop i got from you a while back

G.R. Pike   Lkpike16@yahoo.com
06-28-2017 5:06:44 PM CST
Looking for 1964 fairlane dash cluster bezel.

Ward   wroadarmel@yahooCom
06-06-2017 10:20:20 PM CST
Are there any overdrive automatics to use behind my 460 in 57 ranchero that won't break the bank?

Brian    Blacky97@shaw.ca
05-25-2017 11:35:26 AM CST
Looking for the single lettering that spells cyclone between the taillights on a 1966 thx

Brian    Blacky97@shaw.ca
05-25-2017 11:34:48 AM CST
Looking for the single lettering that spells cyclone between the taillights on a 1966 thx

05-11-2017 10:03:07 PM CST
looking for a right side motor mount for a 72 gran torino 429 engine. ford part no.:D2OZ-6038-E 413-210-4616

craig   c.halverson@badgertruck.com
05-08-2017 9:32:20 AM CST
looking for LH rear fender for a 1963 Galaxie new or good cut off

Dave G   mydurant510@hotmail.com
05-01-2017 1:19:44 AM CST

see missing prong. 60.00 for pair plus shipping..Rare. Thanks Dave

Dave G   mydurant510@hotmail.com
05-01-2017 1:17:47 AM CST

Looking to sell a set of 460 Badges, what I paid, plus shipping.One missing a prong on back, but it mounted fine for other 20 year.. brilliant condition and hard to find, unless you want a decal..

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