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10-01-2021 5:43:45 PM CST
Could someone post a photo of the early 60’s Fairlane Fiberglass Inner Fender Splash Guards ??

Roscoe rose   roscoerose@yahoo.com
08-09-2021 4:56:35 PM CST
My headders are beautiful

Al Betterley   better-al@hotmail.com
08-09-2021 9:10:20 AM CST
Do your subframe connectors for 65 Falcon Convertible require any additional cutting of the factory support boxes ?? and how would i order parts if i wish to purchase/shipping to Canada?

Tim smith   Ymmit28@yahoo.com
08-08-2021 4:27:33 PM CST
Looking for hood hinges for a 1962 Mercury Monterey is this something you would have ?

Gary Harbottle   bottlesg@hotmail.com
08-06-2021 1:41:45 AM CST
Hi I'm after low mount bracket for alternator 1962 ford thunderbird it has lower tapped hole on block

Tom   thofer428@gmail.com
06-28-2021 10:05:54 AM CST
Hi, I'm looking for staggered rear shock reinforcement sheet metal kit for a 1969 Torino. Can you supply?

Joseph   jmg101_69@hotmail.com
06-15-2021 2:00:57 PM CST
I having a hard time navigating the site to find the parts im looking for. Just started a 1962 fairlane build. Im trying to front crossmember and radiator support, also the front frame extensions that the radius supports attach too. Also looking from floor pans, are these available here?

05-26-2021 3:51:31 PM CST
Will the headers listed for a 429/460 on a 67 mustang automatic and power steering work with automatic and non power steering?

John Ash   jkacustompaint@gmail.com
05-16-2021 9:37:05 AM CST
Looking for 1964 Comet front and rear fiberglass bumpers with brackets. 570-854-6869

Sawyer Watt   Sawyerwait96@gmail.com
04-28-2021 3:01:20 PM CST
I am looking for a quality set of long tube headers for my 1965 Ford fairlane 500, I recently swapped a 302 in to it with a T5 transmission I am on hydraulic clutch so no Z bar If anyone could let me know were to look or a part number I would be greatly appreciative.

Charles Miller   millercharlesa60@gmail.com
04-27-2021 11:59:30 AM CST

Steven McKeen   Steven.mckeen89@gmail.com
04-17-2021 11:44:12 AM CST
Hello, My name is Steven McKeen and I bought a set of your 351 windsor motor mounts. There were no instructions in the box, they are marked left and right but the passenger side has to be mounted on the opposite side of the shock tower. Is this how it's supposed to fit?

Jim McMillan   macstratford@yahoo.com
04-15-2021 7:57:15 PM CST
Looking for a pair of ford maverick, comet v8 frame mounts for a 302 going into a 71 maverick. Thanks

Andy Nelson   andy@saferdriver.net
04-12-2021 6:38:21 PM CST
I am looking for bucket seats that could fit a 1963 Country Squire. Not sure what the possibilities are, but would love feedback

Justin Edwards
03-28-2021 11:29:29 AM CST
Looking for a mini tub kit for my 65 Fairlane. Do you guys have one? Thanks

James Buxton   Jamesbuxton@comcast.net
03-08-2021 12:58:11 PM CST
On the 1964 Comet doors. The picture looks like the bottom frame only. So they come with the top portion with the window? also with the Outside door handles and inside window cranks? Thanks, James

Tony I   Tonyi504@att.net
03-05-2021 7:05:46 AM CST
I'm interested in one of you advertisements the vender's name is atwood megan has anyone dealt with him. His ad seems suspect.

Richard Ricciardi   renna530@aol.com
02-21-2021 10:46:14 AM CST
Looking for a set of 427 exhaust manifolds for a 66/67 fairlane or even just the left side.

Lesteur Christophe   christophe29930@hotmail.fr
02-17-2021 2:00:37 PM CST

Hello, Christophe from France. I have a Fairlane 66 500XL with rebuilt FE 390 under reinstall. I’m looking for exhaust headers for the holes configuration of cylinders headers as per attached picture. could you help me ? shipment will be to Atlanta Georgia. thank you in advance.

ERIC PICARD   e.pic@videotron.ca
02-16-2021 1:08:35 PM CST
Any chance you guys have a motor mount swap for a 429 in a s10 frame ( 1951 ford F1 )

Jon Hurst
02-12-2021 1:49:33 PM CST
Wow! Ordered hood in July, they called in October for me to pay for it, called every few weeks until I asked for refund in February. Lots of broken promises along the way. And I have previously spent thou$and$ with them.

Bill Maher   cpandg@yahoo.com
02-03-2021 8:01:19 AM CST
I am looking for a set of headers for a '68 Mercury Cyclone. Can you send me a few pics of what you have available? Thanks. Bill

Leonard Johnson   Ford_x510X@yahoo.com
01-28-2021 2:47:20 PM CST
looking for a T5 transmission cross-member to fir a 1962 ford fairlane.

Jeremy Mesnard   jeremymesnard@yahoo.com
01-16-2021 11:52:23 AM CST
Just wanted to update recieved my big block headers finally got to mock them up and they fit very well and very easy to install.Took awhile but very nice thank you for makeing them

Andrew   Trapptime5656@gmail.com
01-08-2021 2:30:02 AM CST
Looking for rt. Side front fender for 67 Fairlane

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