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curtis knudson   knudson@facstaff.wisc.edu
11-28-2012 6:35:50 PM CST
looking for 64 fairlane trim grill valence-hood-rear finsh panels all 3 608-628-2304

Eric Carver   merccyclone@yahoo.com
11-26-2012 4:38:01 PM CST
looking for 1964 Comet Station wagon tail lights,chrome trim,gas cap....anything you may have,please contact me Eric

adam meadows   adammeadows429@rocketmail.com
11-26-2012 6:38:35 AM CST
wanted; 1966 mercurey cyclone/comet parts or parts car would be very helpful.

steve morris   sdm72747@aol.com
11-15-2012 10:26:58 AM CST
I have about 300 pieces of nos mouldings for '61,63 and '64 ford and mercury models.

Terry Allen   terry.@att.net
11-13-2012 8:43:15 PM CST

Terry Allen   terry.@att.net
11-13-2012 8:43:14 PM CST

Terry Allen   terry.@att.net
11-13-2012 8:43:11 PM CST

Terry Allen   terry.@att.net
11-13-2012 8:42:47 PM CST

Terry Allen   terry.@att.net
11-13-2012 8:42:32 PM CST

Terry Allen   terry.@att.net
11-13-2012 8:42:02 PM CST

Steve Johnson   sjohnso5@sbcglobal.net
10-30-2012 1:42:15 PM CST
Don't know why you advertise something that you don't have. I just tried to order some headers for a 64 Fairlane small block and she says they won't make any more until spring. Amazing. Not sure how they stay in business

nick   comet648@msn.com
10-04-2012 8:50:04 PM CST
will a 460 fit in a 1964 comet with your shock tower kit?

Big John   padookz@yahoo
09-29-2012 8:50:29 PM CST
Can you tell me if the the 'Glass Teardrop Hood for 62-63 Falcon will fit the 61 also? Thanks!

09-24-2012 4:04:35 PM CST
Hi, I'm looking for a pair of light weight, front bucket seats for my 1964 Fairlane t-bolt clone. If anyone has a pair, or can help me find a pair, that would be great. Thanks! 661-619-0024

09-24-2012 4:01:28 PM CST

Crist Clapper   cristclapper@atlanticbb.net
09-19-2012 6:08:38 PM CST
So... Anyone find a bumper/cover for a 1971 Mach-1 yet?

Crist Clapper
09-19-2012 6:03:10 PM CST
So... Anyone find a bumper/cover for a 1971 Mach-1 yet?

E. Hanak   hanakkmichele@yahoo.com
09-19-2012 5:38:52 PM CST
Looking for 65 comet rear quarters, both sides. Doesn't matter if new or used.

Warren kline   tboltt427@gmail.com
09-18-2012 1:28:55 PM CST

1964 Falcon 351W,Blk/Blk,A-100 lightweight seats.030,lunati solid cam & kit,comp puhrods,crane roller rockers,motorsport intake,650 carb,Tbolt air cleaner,mallory dist,Wilwood discs,Must II frt end,4 link w/ mini tubs,retaining back seat,2 1/2" aluminized exhaust w/ spintech mufflers,C6 trans w/ shift kit,Strange detroit locker w/4.10..Body and paint 9/10...On youtube..[64 falcon prostreet] $31,000....908-788-3769

Tim   jpmooning60@yahoo.com
08-30-2012 12:00:13 PM CST

My 1964 Mercury Park Lane Marauder w/ Sport Package One of the last few remaining - rarest of the Marauders - Only made 2,720 of them - Wonder how many survived the decades of rust! California is the land of fruits & nuts but their climate sure keeps auto bodies alive

mack carnes   cargarage18@yahoo.com
08-29-2012 5:36:41 PM CST
needed 64 post 2 door 500 trim any or prefered thanks 2705668525

08-29-2012 7:16:19 AM CST
found a 1964 comet and want to put bbc motor in it. sorry guys it's left from a camaro i sold. anyone try this or know if room for it. motor mounts, crossmember?

jeff browning   jaj52971@yahoo.com
08-28-2012 1:56:02 PM CST

jeff browning   jaj52971@yahoo.com
08-28-2012 1:51:26 PM CST

looking for a hood cyclone non gt

jeff browning   jaj52971@yahoo.com
08-28-2012 1:48:23 PM CST

looking for a hood 67 cyclone it not a gt

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