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Gary   saturn723@gmail.com
12-08-2015 8:47:19 PM CST
I was wondering if any one has put a 335 series (351M) into a 1959 Galaxie? It will have the C6 transmission bolted to it. I know it has the 9 inch rear end with 28 spline axles. I am not sure of the gear ratio. The car was an original 292 automatic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Marty Dunn
12-07-2015 10:46:11 AM CST

Mocking up some new suspension parts....Saved some weight too......

Marty Dunn
12-07-2015 10:42:53 AM CST

Front end about finished and in primer...

larry bilhardt
12-04-2015 10:54:45 AM CST
need rear seat for 1964 fairlane 500 Phone 419 239 1989

Rudys Auto Alley.com   autoalley1512@yahoo.com
12-01-2015 10:28:47 AM CST

This is Rudy from Albuquerque,owner operator of Rudys Auto Alley.com, have been Ford enthusiastall my life.Just got one of Crites 64-65 Cyclone hoods (good fit quality part) Building a 65 Mercury Ranchero 4x4 351W

Michael Carnes   cargarage18@yahoo.com
10-30-2015 9:06:58 PM CST
I am in need of an aluminum front bumper,chrome rear bumper & a rubber floor mat for my 64 post fairlane if anyone has these or know where to get them please let me know.. thanks Michael carnes 270-866-3020.. I also have alot of left over parts for this car if somebody would want them.

Marty Dunn   mdunn@hcsheriff.gov
10-20-2015 6:07:58 PM CST

930 plus hours in saving this poor old car from the crusher so far and I estimate another 300 to go....The Sheriff's HEAT/Facebook

Marty Dunn   mdunn@hcsheriff.gov
10-20-2015 5:57:59 PM CST

Finally got the new front suspension from Control Freaks under the car and height about where I want it....

10-03-2015 1:19:07 PM CST
I have a 65 Fairlane wagon and was wondering if I could cut the inner fender wells out. I have already installed a complete front end with coil overs and a new cross member, and removed the shock towers. I know I would have to run a piece of flat bar to bolt the top of the fenders to, but was wondering what else I might have to brace up.

Sam J
09-21-2015 8:21:38 AM CST
Building 64 HT. Has anyone used Crites, rear spring relocation kit? What is rear width, rim size,back spacing, etc... HELP!!!!

Carsten   c.tielke.ct@gmail.com
09-12-2015 7:25:18 PM CST
Hello! I am searching for a rear bumper cover for a 1968 Mercury Park Lane convertible. Does somebody can help me? Thanks Carsten

Rod Denning   rod69973@gmail.com
08-26-2015 9:22:23 AM CST

For sale 65 comet 7500.00 firm comes with extras contact me for info 814-833-3645 ask for Rod

08-24-2015 1:06:53 PM CST
Hey all, I have a 1963 Fairlane, 2dr post for sale. I have installed a 351W with a C-4 trans, and a 9 in. rear-end. It does have disk brakes at all four corners, with new master cylinder. does have new ball joints and tie rod ends. It is a decent New Mexico body. Health issues prevent me from finishing this project any time soon, don't need to get rid of, but.... if any one is interested in finishing. 720-496-5726

08-11-2015 4:50:47 PM CST
Looking for fiberglass bumpers for a 1968 Galaxie fastback! Any leads are greatly appreciated 👍

07-24-2015 1:09:53 PM CST
looking to see if there is a torque box rebuild kit to buy for 64 falcon ranchero. I am located in WNY area. thanks

Douglas   ttmmer@earthlink.net
07-22-2015 8:54:25 PM CST
i need a conversion i have a 1960 ford fairland with the 6 motor i want a motor mount kit for a 429 is there such a conversion thanks i am in calif

chris   singberg@yahoo.com
07-14-2015 7:56:18 PM CST
wondering if you had any fiberglass items for a 62 mercury meteor s 33 looking for a front bumper

Terry Wharff   susankozlowski7@gmail.com
06-25-2015 2:18:11 PM CST
Looking for the air bonnet in aluminum for a dual quad carburetor setup. Apparently Crites isn't reproducing them anymore. Thank you. Reply to susankozlowski7@gmail.com.

Dan   dan6020@gmail.com
06-21-2015 12:38:49 PM CST
I have a 460 Ford with a C6 transmission do I need that metal plate in between the trans and the engine .

Ron Clemons   clemonsbrothers8955@gmail.com
06-12-2015 4:56:06 PM CST
Hi,I'm looking for a Radio and Clock deleat block off plates for a 1963 1\2 Ford Galaxie 500. Thank You So Much!

06-05-2015 12:56:02 PM CST
I have a 460 ford with C6 transmission there's a thin metal plate between the trans and the engine do I need it.

Don carroll   Donsuecarroll@sbcglobal.net
05-23-2015 6:37:45 AM CST
Looking for a rear bumper for 65 ford fairlane

Scott   Scott.caden@hotmail.com
05-07-2015 6:19:33 PM CST

Hello I bought the 72-79 Ford Torino motor mount kit for a 460 from crimes and I was just wondering if anyone has had to shim them to fit tight on the frame.my frame is four inches and the mounts are 4 1/4.

John   jwebbnc@gmail.com
04-25-2015 12:07:52 PM CST
Does anyone know how much weight a 64 Galaxie 500 will drop if the F/G doors, hood, trunk lid, bumpers and brackets are used? Thanks

Gary Warren   garysmach1@msn.com
04-24-2015 9:09:33 PM CST
Building a 351w with AFD cleveland aluminum heads and a c6 to put in a '57 fairlane. Anyone know if anyone manufactures headers for an application like this or if there is a way to modify an existing set of headers with minimal work? Thank you.

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