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Brad   shelton_brad77@yahoo.com
06-16-2024 6:38:49 PM CST
Looking for a set of rear leaf spring relocation kit for my 64 falcon

Jason    landers_jason@hotmail.com
06-14-2024 4:25:52 PM CST
Looking for 65 or 66 front inner fenders metal or fiberglass. Please email me if you have any to sell. Thanks

ROCKY nicholas   rokkisan@hotmail.com
03-16-2024 10:52:06 AM CST
Hi, looking for fiberglass teardrop hood for my 62 Falcon.

Doug Cirino   dmcirino@gmail.com
01-25-2024 1:35:09 PM CST

Looking for set of 4 door seal gaskets for 1964 Fairlane 4 Door Sedan. Dennis Carpenter out of stock 1/25/2024. Thanks for any help.

Travis    travis@aldermanauto.com
01-08-2024 3:42:14 PM CST
Looking to buy a Crites Teardrop Bubble Hood for a 1964 Galaxie. Everything out there is junk compared to their products. Its a shame that they are closing their doors. Feel free to email me if you have an extra and want to sell!

Allan Betterley   better-al@hotmail.com
12-31-2023 3:29:42 PM CST
do i have too cut into conv lower box reinforcement under seats to install your 65 Falcon convertible sub frame connectors??? like to see pic/instructions??

Mark King markking9191@gmail.com
11-13-2023 5:28:54 PM CST
Looking for feedback on this idea. I am thinking of putting over the frame header exiting behind front wheel on my 64 Custom 500 with a 351w and a c6 trans. Thinking of using BBC over the frame and welding on 351w header flange. Any Ideas?

Oscar   oscarm_65@yahoo.com
09-28-2023 6:30:15 PM CST
Looking to purchase the 1963/1964 Crossmember extension and transmission insulator kit.

Mike Y   my331743@gmail.com
09-27-2023 5:41:20 PM CST
Looking for a front sub-frame replacement for a 1963 Fairlane 500 Sport. Wanting to put a 390 in it but frame is rusted out. Is there a simple bolt in replacement, maybe from a Ford Mustang or Ford Falcon? Are do I have to buy new? Advise welcome.

DPG   4speedparts@comcast.net
06-14-2023 5:50:55 AM CST
Looking for hood scoop inserts for 66 Mercury Cyclone Fiberglass Hood. Thanks!

Michael Walker    Shelby5865@gmail.com
06-07-2023 8:48:42 PM CST

There hoods are junk this is what u got to do after u buy one from them

65 Fairlane 500
05-31-2023 7:33:07 PM CST

65 Ford Fairlane 500

Lil Jimmy    Shoeboxjimmy@outlook.com
05-31-2023 7:28:23 PM CST

Lil Jimmy    Shoeboxjimmy@outlook.com
05-31-2023 7:28:21 PM CST

Lil Jimmy    Shoeboxjimmy@outlook.com
05-31-2023 7:28:05 PM CST

Ghost    fordtorino357@gmail.com
05-09-2023 8:49:32 PM CST
Do y’all have parts for a 68 Torino 351 Cleveland swap?

Keith Baker
04-27-2023 8:32:13 AM CST

1964 cyclone

04-22-2023 5:39:40 PM CST
What thread pitch are the pretapped holes in the 63 tear drop hood?

john simmons
03-07-2023 9:04:23 AM CST
Are y'all still a source for T-bolt quarter panel decals? If not, do you know of a source?

Mike   mike.5171@yahoo.com
02-07-2023 6:59:12 PM CST
I am putting a 428 FE into a 71 Torino and wondered if the headers have would work for me without alteration ?

Bill Bailey   bill646550@yahoo.com
02-01-2023 3:44:29 PM CST
Has anyone ever converted their 64 Ford Galaxie stock power steering to the Borgeson Power Steering, if so how much work and was it worth it? Thanks in advance. I was told it is a nightmare. Thanks in advance.e73a7

William Armstrong    pearl9809wa@gmail.com
01-10-2023 9:30:13 PM CST

I need headers for 65 galaxie 289 automatic,long tube

William Armstrong    pearl9809wa@gmail.com
01-10-2023 9:30:01 PM CST

I need headers for 65 galaxie 289 automatic,long tube

William Armstrong    pearl9809wa@gmail.com
01-10-2023 9:29:53 PM CST

I need headers for 65 galaxie 289 automatic,long tube

Todd Dixon   eatockdixon@sasktel.net
12-29-2022 2:32:31 PM CST
I would like to find fibreglass fenders for my sixty-seven Comet.

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