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robby   perfautowerks@charter.net
05-13-2008 11:03:12 pm CDT
does anyone know if the shock tower kit will clear the 4.6 dohc engine i will be installing this in a 65 comet thanks robby

Dan   dstolarc@yahoo.com
05-13-2008 04:50:16 pm CDT
I'm adding a rack and pinion set up to my Stang and the steering shaft points right at one tube of my headers . I need someone close by me who can modify one header tube. I live near Pontiac Michigan. I have Hooker Super Comps with 1 7/8" primaries. They would have to re-make one tube so it fits closer to the other tubes. Do you know of anyone I can call and get this done ASAP ? Thanks. Dan Home number (248) 363-6868 cell number (248) 895-1444 email dstolarc@yahoo.com

04-30-2008 02:16:30 pm CDT
THNAK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! i've owned a 65 fairlane for 10 years now and NOONE carries any speed equipment for my year make and model. You just made one very happy customer!

Mick Richardson   shelbylou@sky.com
08-24-2007 03:09:43 pm CDT
Hi there I,m trying to find someone that does fibreglass doors for a 63 Galaxie 500,any idea's ? Thanks a lot Mick

Mark   trick427@qwest.net
08-13-2007 12:18:00 am CDT
Did a 1966 Ranchero ever come with a Fairlane front sheetmetal? I have a factory 4 speed, posi, factory A/C Ranchero with a Fairlane nose with what appears to be old faded original paint. Thanks

jim   royburduck@aol.com
08-11-2007 10:30:50 pm CDT
looking for a cyclone hood for a 1966 mercury comet

ernie algorri   sandgawd@aol.com
08-1-2007 02:02:59 am CDT
how much weight is saved by using the 67 fairlane fiberglass front fenders/

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