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Byron Gates
12-07-2018 11:47:09 PM CST

Thank you for providing a great hood

Jon Shelton   Jons@chartermi.net
12-06-2018 9:06:03 PM CST


Jon Shelton   Jons@chartermi.net
12-06-2018 9:05:09 PM CST

Guess just one photo per post

Jon Shelton   Jons@chartermi.net
12-06-2018 9:01:36 PM CST

Here are few Pictures of Wife's 63 1/2 all Crites Glass pieces, 427 All Aluminum Block & Heads. Engine on Dyno is a All NOS 427 HR made 500 HP just installed in a 1964 Fairlane Post Car with all Crites Parts.

12-01-2018 1:42:00 PM CST
I got my parts today. Thanks Crites!

Robert maust   rwrmaust1@hotmail.com
11-20-2018 8:53:47 PM CST

Have crites traction bar kit and headers.help with fe power in my 63.5 galaxie dyno at 680 hp. Thanks crites for all your help.

Robert maust   rwrmaust1@hotmail.com
11-20-2018 8:39:01 PM CST

My 64 has fiberglass hood from crites great fix.

Robert maust   rwrmaust1@hotmail.com
11-20-2018 8:34:48 PM CST

My 63.5 has fiberglass hood,innerfenders,outer fenders,stone guard,bumpers,and trunk lid. From crites great fit.

Robert maust   rwrmaust1@hotmail.com
11-20-2018 8:34:26 PM CST

My 63.5 has fiberglass hood,innerfenders,outer fenders,stone guard,bumpers,and trunk lid. From crites great fit.

Jeff J Drevenik   jeffdrevenik0@gmail.com
11-12-2018 3:52:58 PM CST
I have purchased parts from you before and I'm very pleased I'm asking you I have a 64 two-door post car and I see you have fiberglass doors do you have doors for this car with a frame all the way around a window thanks

Dumb ass   mndeacon@aol.com
11-02-2018 10:40:05 PM CST

this site is practicaly worthless, you cannot order anything online so why the fuck do you even have a website?

James pPhillips   bleedingfordblue@yahoo.com
10-11-2018 7:42:05 PM CST
Do you make a transmission cross member for a 62 Galaxies with a aod

steve   burtyauhmmm@comcast.net
09-26-2018 8:51:51 PM CST
were can I get a set of fender well headers for my 63 ford fairlane wagon

rudy sanchez   autoalley1512@yahoo.com
09-08-2018 10:10:37 AM CST

great evening showers~~~~good 4x4 memories

Auto Alley   autoalley1512@yahoo.com
09-07-2018 8:19:11 PM CST
Hi its Rudy from Rudys Auto Alley .com I finished my 65 Mercury 4X4 decided on Ford Grabber Blue with nice royal blue stripes Really bad to the bone. 351 Windsor c-4 tranny. Crites hood was a great fit

06-29-2018 11:14:13 PM CST

Just received my sub frame connectors, thanks Crites.

Tom Clemens   brc2222@yahoo.com
06-20-2018 7:56:45 PM CST

1 1234 1957 Ford Custom 300 2 door sedan. Nice body for its age. Floors and trunk were patched . No motor. New windshield and rubbers. Comes with a set of fiberglass fenders, hood, and trunk. The car is 95% complete. Open to trades ph 570-494-1939

Dan Stanco   carguy62@live.com
05-16-2018 12:09:13 AM CST

05-14-2018 8:18:16 PM CST

Installed Crites headers on my 390 a few years ago. Still going strong.

Dave Taylor   taylorteamracing@yahoo.com
05-07-2018 9:08:47 PM CST
hey all I am in search of a fiberglass hood for the 1967 custom 500 shown in the other post and a set of trunk spring rods and I need 1 right hand kick panel hopefully there is connection out there for these parts

dave taylor   taylorteamracing@yahoo.com
05-07-2018 9:51:36 AM CST

1967 custom 500 57k original miles

dav taylor   taylorteamracing@yahoo.com
05-07-2018 9:49:46 AM CST


Dave Taylor   taylorteamracing@yahoo.com
05-07-2018 9:42:14 AM CST

hello I received and installed the motor mount kit in my 67 ford custom 500 the motor is a 545 ci don Hampton blown fitech fuel injected big block I ordered the header kit cr8 but 4 more weeks on the back order list arrrrrrrrrrrrggg

Kevin Nace   knace64@comcast.net
05-06-2018 2:12:27 PM CST
Hello, Few years back I purchased from you a Howe radiator PN:342CR1(SBS)#147361 and a mount kit for my 64 Falcon, knowing I would be needing these for future repairs. That day came and I went to install and realized the radiator I purchased from you is not going to work due to radiator bottom hose is right in line with the alternator.I have a 68 302 which radiator inlet and outlets are on both sides and have changed the from generator to alternator all years ago. If I still had the generator the radiator would work since the generator mounts higher and would be out of the way of the lower hose. But since 65 Falcons have alternators I can not see how this application could work on them either. Can I please return these? Please advise, Thanks Kevin.

Jason   jflash_1@yahoo.com
05-05-2018 5:59:56 PM CST
Can anyone tell me if the 1966 - 1967 Comet Ram Air hood will fit a 65 comet? I'm trying to help my dad finding this info. Thanks.

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