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Dawna Hall   dawnahall@hotmail
03-18-2017 1:11:59 PM CST
Looking for a 1964 Mercury Comet fuel tank.

Adam Nunn   anunn@usd250.org
02-15-2017 6:16:42 AM CST
I am looking for a 4 wheel disc brake master cylinder and proportioning valve for my 64 ford falcon

JEFF BATEMAN   jeffbateman@cox.net
01-17-2017 1:14:05 PM CST

I have a 390 in my 56 Fairlane and I have wanted headers in it since I built it. Does anyone know what would fit or maybe you have done this also.

Wayne K   wayneproperties@hotmail.com
01-14-2017 5:06:09 PM CST
Wanted: Source for 1-3/4" headers that fit '72-'76 Ford Torino with the 302CID engine with C4 auto.

Ronnie Lovett   ronnieleelovett@gmail.com
12-29-2016 12:27:42 AM CST

My 57 Fairlane has power steering. Does anyone know for sure if the steering box is the same as a manual box. Or can it safely be used if all other power steering parts are removed. This is going to be an 1/8 mile drag car. No street use.Thank You..

Marc Frisch   budfan87203@sbcglobal.net
12-14-2016 9:08:51 PM CST

Do you carry any interior parts new or used? I bought Dyno Dons personal 65 Cyclone which had a interior fire before I purchased it.My buddy Daryl Huffman said you could help me out maybe.Thanks

JIM CLARKSON   Jim_Clarkson@comcast.net
12-03-2016 7:04:31 PM CST
I am planning a 460 BBF into my 1955 FORD VICTORIA HARDTOP. If I am using the CRITES 460 Motor Mounts can I use a TOP LOADER 4 SPEED with the C-6 CROSSMEMBER? Has anybody done this swap? THANKS

Bob Vipperman   bobvipperman@gmail.com
11-02-2016 8:56:55 PM CST
I have a 64 Comet with a 427 center oiler and a Crites fiberglass fax hood. It has 2x4's on a tunnel wedge intake on it. I am using a 1.75 inch air cleaner on it due to the hole in the hood not being quite large enough to use a taller are filter and take advantage of the additional cold air from the hood design. Can you recommend the best way to enlarge the hole? The hood is painted and I would prefer not to make a mess by damaging the paint or cracking the fiberglass. Thanks in advance for your response. Bob.

Paul Vaccarella   plaventerprises@gmail.com
10-05-2016 8:37:48 AM CST
I have a 72 ranchero ute and I'm fitting a 460 big block ford motor in it. I want to hook up air conditioning. What are the factory units like. I've priced after market products and it's far too expensive. I also have the factory power steer unit to be installed also.

Dan Walstrom   cobrajet390@msn.com
09-12-2016 12:16:38 AM CST
I am buying a 460 stroker motor from a buddy and I plan to put it in my 68 fastback mustang. He is including your header and motor mount kit that he had purchased for his 67 fairlane project. Will those headers fit my mustang? I know that the Hooker super comp headers that I bought for my 428 in the mustang was also for airline applications, so I assumed yours may be similar as the 2 cars have a lot of similarities. The motor mount kit looks different so I will probably have to buy the mustang specific mounts.

Dave G   mydurant510@hotmail.com
09-11-2016 2:23:53 AM CST
Looking for a set of Ribbed valve covers for my 460, replacing stocker, also, set of front fender 460 V bird or 460 cross flags emblems , thank you for you time to look. Dave G Rocklin, Ca

John Gambill   gambill@1957ford.com
09-04-2016 11:53:58 AM CST
This message is for Mike Phillips or any person looking for a 1964 Ford FE OEM Factory Air Condition system. I have one in my car, under dash. I also have the factory power steering complete unit on my car, works excellent. Send me an email if interested.

George   ghouk@comcast.net
08-28-2016 7:16:34 AM CST
I am looking for a 2X4 427 Hi-Riser intake. Please contact me if you have one for sale or know of someone who does. ghouk@concast.net

Jay   jasonrooney@outlook.com
08-26-2016 3:52:40 AM CST
Crites - If I have a large order, can I pick up.in person to save on shipping fees? - Jay

Gib Linneborn   glinneborn@cogeco.ca
08-07-2016 12:28:27 PM CST
460 headers for 64 Fairlane - I have used Hooker super Comp P# 6224 but had to modify the #7 & 8 Tube for the steering rod and because the frame is tubular 29.5" wide #4&8 again needed outside modified. Could you suggest a headcer for my compo. The exhaust port is 6.5 at centre vertical off frame and 4.5 horizontal to frame. Thanks in advance.

Dave Wells   massb5s4@gmail.com
08-06-2016 11:40:45 PM CST
Looking for both drivers and passenger doors and both fro t quarter panels. 1966 Mercury Comet. Would prefer metal to fiber glass. Does Crites make quarters I know they make doors?

Mike Phillips
08-06-2016 10:44:07 AM CST
I have a 1964 galaxy xl it does not have power stirring it it does not have air conditioning I'm looking for a power stirring unit that I can fit in it and also an air conditioning unit I would love to find some film the skirts as well

Brian   route4box38@gmail.com
08-02-2016 7:07:55 PM CST
looking for left and right front fenders , and a drivers door for a 1966 fairlane gt convertible.

gary   customized1@att.net
07-25-2016 11:18:07 AM CST
Looking for a rear 4 link for a 64 fairlane is there such an item?

gary   customized1@att.net
07-25-2016 11:09:06 AM CST
Is there such an animal as a rear 4link suspension kit for a 64 fairlane 500?

bob   doctornoe 1957@gmail. com
07-13-2016 3:01:48 PM CST
have quarter panels and rocker panels cut off a car rust free for a 65 ford farlane call 1-618-841-1582

bob   doctornoe 1957@gmail. com
07-13-2016 3:01:18 PM CST
have quarter panels and rocker panels cut off a car rust free for a 65 ford farlane call 1-618-841-1582

Paul   plaventerprises@gmail.com
06-29-2016 1:52:20 AM CST
I've purchased big block 460 engine mounts with headers to suit from you guys for my 72 Ranchero ute. The car previously had a 351 clevo. How do I fit my engine in the car. Is there a template to drill the crossmember ??

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 11:05:52 AM CST

We also purchased this beauty just 5 weeks ago. We found it while searching for parts in our local want ads. Complete runner as seen in the pics. It came with a standard bore "bear block" 427 side oiler that has less than 5 miles on it.

Lex    llujan@amicorp.net
06-28-2016 11:05:30 AM CST

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