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01-01-2011 9:41:11 AM CST
fiberglass nick

nick bacales   teraflex@iprimus.com.au
12-30-2010 6:47:31 AM CST
hi there ' will a big block ford fit under the standard hood or do i have to go withe a fiberglass one for a 64 fairlane 500 hardtop cheers nick

dogpatch customs
12-28-2010 10:31:13 AM CST

heres a before paint sneak pic., george

dogpatch customs   dogpatchcustoms@hotmail.com
12-28-2010 10:29:22 AM CST
hey guys just wanted to give you a heads up on the a-f/x comet and how well your fenders hood trunk and bumper fit its was easy getting it all to line up. come see it at the detroit autorama

Patrick Wolfe   ohwolf70@yahoo.com
12-23-2010 2:25:51 PM CST

Have a 1966 Mercury Montcalir that i am looking for headers. Hope Crites can help

Andy   Custom40@yahoo.com
12-23-2010 2:08:56 PM CST

I have a 64 Fairlane 500 Ranch Wagon with a 260 and Fordomatic. I want to convert it to a C4 and use the Fordomatic column shifter. I am looking for the following parts and I have lots of great stainless trim to trade if you are interested: 5-bolt bellhousing for C4 Throttle and Kickdown bellcrank and linkage Gear selector lever on the transmission - Unique to Fairlane. Thanks, Andy

Shawn   striker805@netzero.com
12-17-2010 1:18:55 AM CST
Hey Galaxie Guys, I have a 1965 Galaxie 500 XL. I am installing a 460 with the crites kit. I am really interested in doing a 4 speed conversion through the console shift. I know of course that I need a 4 speed toploader. But I am having a hell of a time finding the clutch pedals, z bar, frame mount and the rest of the mumbo jumbo to make this work. Does anyone have any ideas. Is there a 1965 galaxie 4 speed parts car out there. Or should I just leave this alone and go with the C6 that I already have? Shawn 661-889-3057

Lee Sullivan   leedoris@sbcglobal.net
12-15-2010 12:59:56 PM CST
I want to install a 1975 Lincoln 460 engine with a C6 from the same year of engine into a 1959 Edsel Ranger. I need to know what type of motor mounts to use and also what type of exhaust manifolds I will need? Thanks

raven   boomtownbrat01@yahoo.com
12-12-2010 10:26:07 PM CST
i am going to buy headers from crites if they are still aval,i put a 351 windsor in a 63 meteor.let me know if i have to do any shock tower mods.i have already cut the hump out of shock tower but i have seen other people cut out the lower section of shock tower near upper a arm,thanks raven

lee company   leescobra427@yahoo.com
12-10-2010 2:46:46 PM CST
i just purchased a 67 fairlane gta, vech has the styled 14 inch wheels i cannot find what the width is anyone know the largest 60 series tire i can use without tire rubbing on the rear

Dave   sprtbikex2@aol.com
12-05-2010 6:18:58 PM CST

Need to get sub frame connectors for the 66 comet. Does Crites have what I need?

rick   reqster@yahoo.com
12-04-2010 10:48:43 AM CST
i have a complete set of chrome bed trim for a 1964 ranchero. needs rechromed and has a small dent in one of the side pieces but still in good shape.

steve beauparlant   beaupsj@nu.com
12-01-2010 1:18:46 PM CST
I'm looking for a set off side trim (moldings) complete fo my 64 fairlane. good cond drop aline or call 860-818-0853 if you can help

Jeff Drevenik   JEFFYYY567@HOTMAIL.COM
11-30-2010 7:17:19 PM CST
I am going to be installing a crites forced air induction in my 64 post, Iwould like to know if Im going to have to remove part of my inner fender to come through my radiator support behind the inner head lamp?

phranc bei   phranc@oz.net
11-30-2010 12:58:18 AM CST


nick bacales   teraflex@iprimus.com.au
11-25-2010 6:15:08 AM CST
hi guys am looking for a complete pair of genuine bucket seats for a 64 fairlane 500 hardtop and possibly an original in dash a.c. unit and possibly a rear steel bumpercheers nickaustralia

Lee   payback66@aol.com
10-28-2010 4:48:31 PM CST
I am looking for 2 15" wheels for the back of my 62 Sport Coupe.. If anyone has any near Central Ohio it would be great.. Thanks, Lee

Ian Winn   ian@targamustang.com

Hi Jessica. It's Ian from Australia. When i spoke to you on the phone i forgot to say i have a new e mail address whcih i have put on this message form. Thanks for your help and looking forward to receiving our fibreglass front b umper bar and lightweight brackets for our '73 Mustang. Regards, Ian.

Jean-Marc   jm.cattenot@surfaces-synergie.com
10-03-2010 10:36:16 AM CST

Hello, I know my name sounds like a woman one but I am a french male, sorry guys. I am racing with my 63 Galaxie in France. The car has all the good fiberglass parts from Crites. The car came from California in the 90s back to Nederland where I purchased it in 2004. I need help from specialist of this type of car. Does any one know where I may found a kit to rebuild the front suspension not with classical rubber bushing but with Poly-Urethane bushing. Thank's and see you on the track in Europe.

Patrick Feltes   nandpforever75@sbcglobal.net
09-23-2010 10:42:21 AM CST
I have a 1964 comet and i need a rear quarter panel does anyone know where I can get on at?

Chris Williams   gadejfan@hotmail.com
09-21-2010 3:34:20 PM CST

I have a 69 Fairlane Formal roof 2 door dard top. I am looking for the chrome trim that goes over the seal that divides the back window from the front. I have heard of it called by: Window divider or vertical seal and chrome. PLease help. I cant find one anywhere!!!

Gary Arnold
09-08-2010 3:26:05 PM CST

Looking for a complete Hurst shifter for a 1963 Fairlane 500SC with a console, Does anyone have this unit for sale? Thanks, Gary 812-989-5599

dylan   dbolasvegas@yahoo.com
08-28-2010 8:24:44 AM CST
thinking about dropping a 302 gt40 motor in my '63 2dr sedan. wondering if it will bolt up to the stock three on the tree and if there are any motor mount/clearance issues. Anyone with input would be great! thanks.

Bernd   bernd.salewsky@t-online.de
08-23-2010 2:44:47 PM CST

Hi some news from Nuerburgring in Germany we had pole and finished after 3,5 hrs first.

Joe Nash   phoenix64falcon@aol.com
08-19-2010 11:55:44 PM CST

I recently purchased a set of subframe connectors for my '64 Falcon from Crites. I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the quality of thier construction and the absolute ease of installation! I recommend your products to anyone!!

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