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Hank   Harley_2003@yahoo.com
10-14-2013 12:51:50 PM CST

Deleted Radio Heater etc.

Hank   harley_2003@yahoo.com
10-14-2013 12:41:24 PM CST

For Sale 1964 B/FX Comet Rust Free From AZ. 347 Engine now 5 speed, 513 & 411 = 9" Need Wire to Finish. I have new wires Best offer over $30,000. everything new! Call 517-223-8111 Michigan

Bobby buffington   Bodyman165@yahoo.com
10-03-2013 3:23:27 PM CST

I have 1966 galaxie 500 used crites headers and motor mounts for 429 that was installed fit perfectly thank you sincerely bobby buffington

Laurence Thompson   tlaurence65@att.net
10-02-2013 10:32:45 AM CST
Dear Crites , I just want to thank you and your staff for making my dream car a complete one, I own a 65 fairlane and for years Iccouldn\\

Bobby buffington   Bodyman165@yahoo.com
10-01-2013 9:38:02 PM CST
I have 1966 galaxies 5oo installed 429 in car springs are weak do you offer heavier duty springs the car was originally 390 engine

Rob   dragonswing_1@yahoo.com
09-26-2013 12:26:10 AM CST

Hello ! I'm new to the site and hope to acquire some fiberglass products soon !

Nicholas   Nicholasmmarcoux@gmail.com
09-14-2013 8:22:43 PM CST

Hi, I'm installing a c6 transmission in my 65 galaxie 390 will I need to do any modification to the crossmember or will I be fine ?

Nicholas   Nicholasmmarcoux@gmail.com
09-14-2013 8:20:09 PM CST
Hi, I\\

Eric   merccyclone@yahoo.com
09-08-2013 11:52:48 AM CST

complete under dash A/C unit for sale came out of 1964 Comet.includes lines,pullies etc asking $500.00 obo

lora   loragullettelender@yahoo.com
09-04-2013 8:32:49 AM CST
Hi ,do you still found it difficult to get your loan,if you are still in need of a loan, is available for you,i lend to any categories of people,company ....... fill the form below to get more details about the loan amount you basically needed and email to me here @ loragullettelender@yahoo.com full name............... complete home address...... amount needed as a loan.................. montly income........................... loan duration............................... telephone number............................ country/state............................ date of birth.................... anxious to hearing from you shortly Lora

Marty Dunn   mdunn@hcsheriff.gov
08-19-2013 2:08:26 PM CST

Love that 5 inch Crites hood. Should give me room for our street legal, pump gas, high port headed, SBF....Will make our Beat the HEAT Sheriff's Car an "Old School Intercepter"...thanks Crites....

Marty Dunn   mdunn@hcsheriff.gov
08-19-2013 2:02:39 PM CST

Here is the rear end.. 8.8 with a 4.30 gear, 33 spline spool, Caltracs and split mono-leafs, and Afco Sliders, on completely rebuilt frame ends...

Marty Dunn   mdunn@hcsheriff.gov
08-19-2013 1:48:17 PM CST

Thanks Crites for the frame replacements....this save me hours of fabrication....and installation was pretty easy......

Marty Dunn   mdunn@hcsheriff.gov
08-19-2013 1:44:09 PM CST

Here is a picture of my 1963 Fairlane Beat the HEAT Sheriff's Car. Thanks Crites for the hood bumpers, and frame replacements...600 hours has saved this car from the crusher...butI still have a ways to go.....

08-12-2013 7:40:38 PM CST
anybody have a photo of their perch alignment putting a pre '64 FE block in a 66-67 Fairlane? I have the Crites setup and have tried all 9 hole combinations with no luck

08-12-2013 11:21:58 AM CST
Parting out 1964 Comet 404- 2 door sedan many good parts going on EBay or respond to this post for the parts you are needing

Clancy   cdelaney72@att.net
08-06-2013 2:42:25 PM CST

Looking for set of bumpers for 57 Ford Ranchero original and/or fiberglass? 58 Ford Ranchwagon 460/C-6 for sale $20,000

Jon Sandahl   Jon@tubechassisdesignz.com
07-20-2013 11:54:12 AM CST

For Sale original Thunderbolt. Originally campaigned by Collins motor sales, and the restoration was featured in Super Ford. $280,000 Call 781-293-5005 for mre info Thanks, Jon

Jon Sandahl   Jon@Tubechassisdesignz.com
07-20-2013 11:21:20 AM CST

For sale original Light Weight Galaxie. $80,000 Contact for details. Jon 781-293-5005

George   georgezlist@hotmail.com
07-18-2013 8:25:03 AM CST
Are headers for 58 Edsel Roundup w/manual transmission in stock and if not what is the lead time?

Fastnuf   fastnuf@cox.net
07-12-2013 12:28:01 PM CST
Hello, Do you still sell headers to fit my 63 Ford Falcon with a 8.2" deck 363" SBF? It does have the UniSteer R&P now. I could use the headers now if you have them in stock. Greg

Gomez, Hugo   gomezha2007@yahoo.com.mx
07-02-2013 5:45:52 PM CST

Hi! I´m interested to buy Maverick 351w headers and i need to know if is possible send to me to Mexico via DHL or FedEx?, my Zip code is 45180 (Zapopan, Jalisco) and the method of payment is possible by western Unión? Thanks in Advance!

Dave   Dawade9@gmail.com
06-23-2013 4:48:00 PM CST
Have a set of Crites headers om 62 Ford Galaxie, Have a issue with clearance on my tie rods...anyone know a cure for this problem...Love the headers......

06-22-2013 9:32:35 PM CST
if anyone is contacted by a David Blau .Donot send him money he just scamed me out of 550.00 dollars.for parts for a 1964comet.need more info cantact me at twobentrods1@yahoo,com

Brett   blomax@clydes.com
06-11-2013 11:26:29 AM CST
Doze anyone know of a company and or part number for a set of competition long tube headers 1-3/4 or larger primary that will fit a 1963 falcon with a mustang II front suspension and a 351W with AFR heads.

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